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Profesional Private Investigations
P.O. Box 1841
Lincolnton, NC 28093


Phone:  704.313.8594

Professional Private Investigations

Welcome to Professional Private Investigations.  Professional Private Investigations delivers acurate information in a cost effective manner.  This allows our clients to make a prudent decision that relates to their business or personal life.

At Professional Private Investigations, we deliver the truth.  We believe that everyone should know the truth in any case.  Whether providing services for individuals, law firms, or insurance companies, Professional Private Investigations is dedicated to providing our clients with the most accurate, professional and timely private investigative services in the industry.  Professional Private Investigations combines experience and proven techniques to provide you with comprehensive solutions for your case.  Our investigative staff has provided their expertise to many clients.  Our investigators use surveillance and numerous other resources as tools to provide services in:

· Workers’ Compensation

· Domestic and Personal Matters

· Child Custody

· Missing Persons

· Personal Injury

· Anti- Stalking and Personal Protection

· Litigation Support

· Civil and Criminal Investigations

· Undercover Operations

· Background Screening

· Witness Interviews

· Statewide Process Service

Professional Private Investigations reputation is built upon ascertaining facts through detailed careful examination. Prossional Private Investigations is the choice for complete private investigation and litigation support to attorneys, businesses, financial institutions, insurance companies and individuals.

Private investigation, it’s not a job, it’s a mindset. At Professional Private Investigations, we deliver the truth, and that makes all the difference.

Professional Private Investigations is fully licensed and fully complies with all state, federal, and local privacy laws .